See that picture of a mom holding her daughter. They belong to each other. They may not have much else but they have each other.

What do you think of when you think of belonging?

I believe its about the safety of being at home. The feeling of having someone or something where you’re shielded, thats belonging.

Imagine a kid, whose home isn’t the traditional kind. One where she isn’t exactly shielded anymore. Now imagine that kid is also from many places.

What do you imagine is a good answer to the question “Where are you from?”. Most of you will just easily say your passport country, or the country you spent most of your life in. I am someone who lived in 5 different countries across 9 moves between them. So answering that question has always been a bit of a challenge. Do I say where I was born (also my passport country), do I say where me or my family are currently living, do I just stare blankly at them unsure of what to say. You guessed it, I always end up with the last one. Especially now that I’m living in the aforementioned country. Living here has made me feel very ordinary. After spending a lot of time coming to terms with how interestingly different my life is, it felt very mediocre to give people the chance to believe that I was no different from anyone else.

Living without knowing where you’re from and not even belonging to another person. It feels lonely, a loneliness that comes from not feeling understood. Its a loneliness that engulfs you, but its a loneliness you can fight by finding real people to love.



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