Thank You For Your Culture


Im 20 years old, and Ive spent these past 20 years in 5 different countries.

When I was a mere kid I learnt my love for food in Malaysia,

Food is the most multicultural thing about Malaysia,

It brings in the Indian, Malay and Chinese.

I also learnt to accept people the way they are,

not everyone will understand you,

and thats okay.


When I was 5 years old I learnt about a country rich with culture,


I learnt about my stage fright in a play- I got on the stage saw my parents and stopped moving,

I also learnt what having a sister was like – and not being the centre of my parents attention anymore,

I made friends old and young and found a love for Mushrooms and Thai music,

not everyone understood where I was from,

and that was okay.


When I was 10 I spent my birthday in Saudi Arabia,

The desert life wasnt what my mom expected,

I fell in love with the excitement of seeing camels on the long rides,

and these chocolate cake bars- that for some reason you can’t get anywhere else,

not everyone understood where I was from,

and that had to be okay,



When I was 14 I was in Brunei falling in love with the small country,

Taking a one hour ride to get to school every morning at 5am,

I learnt that friends can make you feel more whole,

When you feel empty because of all the goodbyes,

In the wake of the ever growing Facebook world,

You only hope that someone you invest everything in will keep in touch,

as they had promised,

but as always,

not everyone understood where I was from,

and I didn’t know if that was okay anymore.


When I was 15 I spent my birthday at my last day of school in Brunei,

It was a Friday,

By Monday I was in a new school,

Terrified- unsure if I had altogether forgotten how to make new friends,

High School they say- is hard,

But on my first day I met someone with a mooncake,

She seemed as out of place as I was,

She understood where I was from,

and it was all okay from that day on.


I then continued the nomadic life of a Third Culture Kid,

Learning that term,

Brought me together with more people who seemed misunderstood,

Once I learnt I wasnt the only one,

I also learnt it was amazing to be from so many places,

Till this day I sit in my room for hours to find that old Thai singer who I used to love at the age of 5,

Or I miss the camels and my desert life,

I can only say Thank You,

to everyone who didn’t understand me,

cause you let me grow – grow to have a bit of understanding of you,

Thank You for your Culture.


Ive lived in many more countries, but I’ve learnt that my home is within my heart and the hearts of those that love me.



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