I measure life by countries

Being a Global Nomad, is really a way of life. A way of life that shapes you. A life that takes you places, lets you see things that people can only dream of.

When you live a life like this; Wanderlust becomes a word that describes who you are, instead of what you wish to do. You see people as individuals, instead of where they’re from, or what religion they follow. You absorb so many different cultures, which dissolves into one ginormous culture of your own. Your accent becomes a blend of every person and place you met, so unique that its rare you’d find another that sounds like you.

So thats what describes me. My name is Dhavinya and I have lived in 5 different countries multiple times, managing somehow to make it to 17 different schools.

I think all of us don’t really know how to handle every bump life gives us. Thats why we surround ourselves with other humans, cause theres comfort in numbers- but also because two heads are better than one. The safety in numbers, its one of the reasons people look for companions in life – be it their friends, family or partners.

Life can consistently be very bumpy, there are so many obstacles it gets really hard to navigate them on your own. So you try to look for people who understand you, people who have been through the same thing. My goal is to make something of everything I’ve experienced, help others with my stories.


The entrance to every journey begins with open doors.

Im here, to hopefully one day inspire people, with my story.


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